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Meet Our Pastor...

Rev. Arthur Dilbert

Lead Pastor

Arthur Dilbert was born in Chatham County, in the city of Savannah, Georgia to Arthur Peter Dilbert Sr. and Daisy Mae Wiggs. He was raised in a small house on the West Side of the city. Arthur lived in that house with his parents and eleven siblings for the first twelve years of his life. Arthur’s father Arthur P. Dilbert, Sr. was an Army veteran, a Woodworker and a Longshoreman. Arthur’s mother Daisy Dilbert was a devoted household technician deeply rooted in her faith. Arthur remembers how his mother would anoint him with oil and pray over him daily. Arthur Jr. was baptized at the age of eight years old at First Jackson Park Baptist Church in Savannah. When Arthur’s parents separated, he moved to Rochester, New York with his mother and siblings. Arthur attended Madison High School where he graduated in three years. After his graduation, Arthur returned to Savannah to attend the Savannah Area Vocational Technical School. Arthur completed his studies in Carpentry at Savannah Technical School and he enlisted in the United States Army.

After being honorably discharged from the Army, Arthur returned to Rochester to be with his mother Daisy. Arthur enrolled in Monroe Community College and he joined Aenon Baptist Church where he served on the Young Adult Auxiliary, the Ushers, Transportation, Male Chorus and much more. With constant praying, bible study, and meditation Arthur finally accepted the “Call to Ministry” and met regularly with Pastor Cherry for counsel and guidance. Arthur was licensed and ordained as a minister of the gospel at Aenon Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor James L. Cherry Sr. Arthur continued his studies at Roberts Wesleyan College earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Religion. With continued prayer, Arthur was led to pursue his Masters of Divinity at the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia.


Upon graduating from the DeWitt Proctor School of Divinity and returning to Rochester, New York; Arthur was invited to speak at Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church during their search for a Pastor. Rev. Dilbert served as the Interim Pastor of Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church for 11 years. During his tenure, Pastor Dilbert expanded the church’s community outreach by introducing a Youth Choir, weekly Friday Youth Nights, an Annual Community Day where neighbors and friends were blessed with donations by members, local and national community partners. During Pastor Dilbert’s tenure the church building was named a historical landmark.

Pastor Dilbert and a team of visionaries came together in December of 2009 to plan a new ministry, the Abundant Life Faith Center. Abundant Life Faith Center, Inc. opened its doors in February of 2010. Pastor Dilbert continues his community outreach at Abundant Life with programs such as Mayor Warren’s Adopt-a-Block Program which employs inner city residents, and the Regent Wade Norwood’s Common Ground Health Program which educates members on how to improve the quality of their lives using exercise, healthy eating, meditation, etc.


Arthur was introduced to his lovely wife Sharon Murrell by his sister Jacquelyn, and he and Sharon have been inseparable ever since. Sharon was born and raised in Rochester, New York with her two sisters. Sharon is the daughter of Samuel and Johnnye Murrell. Arthur was so smitten with Sharon and in awe of her many talents and skills such as teaching Spanish, teaching Art, and singing with her sisters, the Murrell Sisters. Arthur was most impressed by the fact that Sharon had grown up in Calvary Spiritual Church under the leadership of Bishop Elie Granger and that she loved the Lord. Arthur proposed to Sharon, and she said yes! Arthur married Sharon on December 20, 1996. Arthur and Sharon are the proud parents of Samiah Ariel (1999) and Arthur Peter (2001). Samiah and Arthur have been blessed with so many gifts such as acting, dancing, and singing. They are both actively involved in many of the ministries at Abundant Life Faith Center, Inc.

Meet Our First Lady...

IMG_6116 2.JPG
Sis. Sharon Murrell Dilbert

First Lady Sharon Murrell Dilbert was born and raised in Rochester, New York. She is the daughter of the late Rev. Johnnye Murrell and the late Samuel Murrell. She is the eldest sister to Beverly Murrell Frasier and Matasha Murrell Jones. Sharon is the mother of Samiah and Arthur III.  Sharon graduated from Our Lady of Mercy High School, and she studied Art and Spanish at Nazareth College to become a certified Art and Spanish teacher. She studied abroad in Mexico and in Spain. She taught Spanish in the Rochester City School District several years before studying at SUNY Oswego to become a School Administrator. Sharon Murrell Dilbert is currently the Principal of Clara Barton School #2. Sharon Murrell Dilbert loves to sing, especially with her sisters The Murrell Sisters. Her favorite author is J. California Cooper. She loves Soul Food, Ethiopian Food, Vietnamese Food and Indian Food. Her favorite drink is homemade lemonade, her favorite color is green, she loves cheesecake and she has an extensive frog collection.                                                                           Her favorite scripture is Psalm 46:10  Be still and know that I am God


Rev. Beverly Murrell-Frasier


Mother Pamela Francis

Church Leadership


Chairman of Deacon Board

Robert Frasier



Danny Wyatt



Cynthia Minter



Matthew Stephens



Eartha Danner

The History of

Abundant Life Faith Center, Inc.

The scripture Matthew 18:20 “for where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” motivated Reverend Arthur P. Dilbert Jr. and ten other enthusiastic and devoted supporters (Elizabeth Dilbert, David Torrance, Sharon Murrell Dilbert, Daisy Dilbert, Beverly Frasier, Johnnye Murrell, Wallace Shaw, Terri Stephens, Stephanie Eagle and Robert Frasier Jr.) to construct a church called Abundant Life Faith Center. These members became the Board Members (governing body) of the newly formed church.


Abundant Life Faith Center was founded in February of 2010. After much prayer, fasting, planning and discussion the name Abundant Life Faith Center (ALFC) was created based on the following scriptures: Jeremiah 29:11, John 10:10, John 9:4 and 2 Corinthians 5:7.  These scriptures encourage us to embrace God’s abundant love, to remember His abundant mercy, and to accept His abundant grace in our daily lives. 


The Board members held regular Board meetings and additional Sub-Committee meetings and fieldtrips to investigate locations to house our new ministry. After comparing and contrasting properties, weighing the pros and cons, and seeking God’s guidance; a location was agreed upon and the church By-laws were established.


The very first church service of Abundant Life Faith Center was held on Sunday, February 7, 2010 (10:00 AM.) at the Frederick Douglass Resource Center located at 36 King Street Rochester, NY 14608.  in Rochester, New York.  Abundant Life Faith Center was incorporated on July 15, 2010 and we received our 501(c) 3 tax exemption status on May 24, 2011. Abundant Life Faith Center Inc. started with 19 members and five families in 2010. Many within the membership, were inspired by Pastor Arthur Dilbert’s style and delivery of the word so they followed him, and declared themselves members of Abundant Life Faith Center on the first day of its opening. We continued to grow to 59 members in 2010; and we increased to 77 members and twenty-two families in 2011. In addition to members, we have many visiting friends who attend our church on a regular basis. 


We also worshipped for a brief period at The Carriage House at 494 East Avenue, and at 219 Stenson Street (a property of  Living Word Temple of Restoration). God is good! In 2014, He led us to our current location at 427 & 435 Jefferson Avenue, Rochester, NY 14 611.


Abundant Life Faith Center is a non-denominational church with a predominantly African American congregation, which strives to inspire its members, friends and the surrounding community to live life to the fullest by incorporating God’s word and most importantly His unconditional love. Our members will be role models by sharing God’s abundance with others, strengthening the family and living as faithful stewards of God’s word.

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